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2019. Plastic guitar, organ, pedal steel, and voice, with WL Altman, at Art’s Birthday, Regina

2018. Amplified and acoustic objects, field recordings, Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, UK

2018. Prepared pedal streel guitar, with Ellen Moffat, Remai Modern, Saskatoon

2018. 2 VCRs and 15 VHS tapes, VHS DJ set, Filmpool, Regina

2018. Keyboard, voice, plastic guitar, pedal steel, programming, with WL Altman, Sounds Like, Saskatoon

2018. Video projection with turntable, objects, lights, and webcams, Holophonic Nights Op. 1, Regina

2018. Toy keyboard through trumpet, with programming, Strata New Music Festival, Saskatoon

2018. Toy keyboard through trumpet, with programming, Bohemia, Edmonton

2018. Toy keyboard through trumpet, with programming, Drone Day 2018, Regina

2018. Electroacoustic ukulele and electronics, Drone Factory, Regina

2018. 2 VCRs and 25 VHS tapes,

2018. Minimoog and Casio XW-G1 synthesizers, for In C performance at LUGO, Remai Modern, Saskatoon

2017. 2 VCRs and 37 video tapes, VHS DJ set, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon

2017. Electroacoustic ukulele and electronics, Sounds//Happening, Brandon

2017. Tenor banjo and whistling, Coo Coo Bird, by Martin Arnold, Open Space, Victoria

2017. Electroacoustic ukulele, synth, electronics, Arc.Hive Artist Run Centre, Victoria

2017. Electroacoustic ukulele and electronics, at Morton/Vaughn/Civvie, Paved Arts, Saskatoon

2017. Performer, Small Sonorities: Plates, by Ellen Moffat, Paved Arts, Saskatoon

2017. Synthesizer, cassettes, and electronics, Panospria Soirée, Vancouver

2017. Synthesizer, cassettes, and electronics, at Démembrace Tape Release, La Vitrola, Montreal

2017. Drum, feedback, cassettes, and musical objects, IMOO series #153, Ottawa

2016. Synthesizer, voice, New *Music* Year's Eve, Regina

2016. Synthesizer, voice, and video projection, Avant-Garde Bar, Ottawa

2016. Synthesizer solo, Quiet City No. 25, Selector's Records, Vancouver

2015. Synthesizer solo w improvising choir, Liquid Trust, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

2015. Synthesizer solo, New River Studios, London, UK

2015. Live electronics and found objects, An Evening of New Age Intemperance, Saskatoon

2015. Bass keyboard and band leader, Repeat Repeat Offender, Zaphod's, Ottawa

2014. Keyboards and electronics, Notaations duo with JS Chevrier, Mugshots, Ottawa

2014. MC-303 and maxmsp programming, J'acousmatic concert series, Ottawa

2013. MC-303, contact microphone, and maxmsp programming, New Music Year's Eve, Regina

2013. MC-303, drum machine, and maxmsp programming, IMOO Festival No. 2, Ottawa

2013. MC-303 and maxmsp programming, An Evening of Deep Listening, Saskatoon

2013. CD players and custom electronics, New Music Smart Party, Regina

2012. Live electronics, Jolly Jams, Saskatoon

2012. Prepared guitar and maxmsp programming, IMOO series #55, Ottawa

2012. Circuit-bent keyboard, contact microphones, and objects, IMOO series #47, Ottawa

2011. Performance on sound installation by Ellen Moffat, PickUpPutDown, PAVED Arts, Saskatoon

2011. Keyboard, microphones, glockenspiel, and programming, Evening of Deep Listening, Saskatoon

2011. Recorder, circuit-bent keyboard, programming, Toys Gone Rogue, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina

2011. Recorder, guitar, programming, Sounds Like Audio Art Festival, AKA Gallery, Saskatoon

2011. Performance on sound installation STRUNG, by Ellen Moffat, Sounds Like Festival, Saskatoon

2011. Keyboards, glockenspiel, and live electronics, Cathedral Village Arts Festival, Regina

2011. Toy instruments, glockenspiel, contact microphones, and programming, Club SAW, Ottawa

2011. Contact Microphones, found objects, Mille Bayous EP launch, Club Saw, Ottawa

2011. Toy instruments, glockenspiel, contact microphones, and programming, JALE, Saskatoon

2011. Organ, glockenspiel, electronics, with Honey on Wallpaper, Shoebox Theatre, Regina

2011. Error Benders Concert, with Leeane Berger, PAVED Arts and Neutral Ground, SK

2011. Webcam, turntable, lights, and recorded audio, Bluenotes at the Blueprint, Regina

2010. Glockenspiel, wind organ, contact microphones, with Sweet Stomp Trio, L’Envers, Montreal

2010. Resonant metal bar and programming, Dorkbot Tour, Yorkton, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon

2010. Organ and percussion, with anti-folk trio Gemtones, Fainting Goat, Regina

2010. Wind instruments, bells, and programming, with Ramses Calderon, Summer Music, Regina

2010. Organ and percussion, with anti-folk trio Gemtones, Camp Fyrefly Fundraiser, Regina

2010. Piano, writing implements, and bowed objects, compositions by George Douglas Barret, Regina

2010. Lamp and microphone, Meeting Others and Other Light Theatre, Café Concrete, Montreal

2010. Music boxes and electronics, Happiness is Your Business, McGill Wind Symphony, Montreal

2010. Glockenspiel and contact microphones, with Sweet Stomp Trio, Mardi Spaghetti, Montreal

2010. Glockenspiel and digital processing, Cagibi, Montreal

2010. Solo voice and glockenspiel, CowRocks Festival, Regina

2010. Webcam, toy trumpet, and electronics, in Day/Night with Erin Gee, Neutral Ground, Regina

2009. Music boxes, contact microphones, Queen of Music Boxes, Stratford Summer Music Festival

2009. Circuit-bent instruments, part of duo Give & Make with Leeane Berger, Z-Axis, Saskatoon

2008. Live electronics, with dancers Joelle Arnusch and Robert Regala, Intersect, Regina

2008. Live electronics and circuit-bent instruments, Neutral Ground New Music Series, Regina

2008. Toy instruments, contact microphones, part of exhibition Cassette, Slide Room Gallery, Victoria

2007. MP3 players and Fred Astaire samples, Stairs, 50/50 Gallery, Victoria

2007. Music boxes, modified record player, and electronics, with Amy Horvey, NDH, Regina

2007. Toy piano and live electronics, Casa del popolo, Montreal

2007. Piano, sampling, and electronics, Scribe & Gretel by dancer Johanna Bundon, Regina

2007. Organ and spatialization, LIVE Performance Art Biennale with dancer Robin Poitras, Vancouver

2007. Electronics, percussion, and programming, Chambers’s with Kirk McNally, Sonic Lab, Victoria

2006. Electronic music performance tour – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Montreal