composer and sound and media artist

         ~~BANDCAMP~~          <---- click here!

                                                            or here ---->         >>>sound installation images<<<

                                                       here too --->      >>>sound installation audio<<<


                                   0O0O0_Interactive Video Installation_0O0O0              <----- click click

                                                                                                  and here  --->        ^^synthpop band^^

Jeff Morton’s music and media art are playful, experimental explorations of sound, sound-making, communication, and compositional processes using found and musical objects and materials. In performance, composition, and installation, his work has been presented by ensembles and in galleries across Canada and internationally. Recently, he performed a new 20-minute electronic music composition for solo synthesizer and midi tracks at Quiet City No. 25, Selector's Records, Vancouver; and he wrote a new chamber music work for piano and speaking voice, to be premiered in June at the Strata New Music Festival in Saskatoon.

For information or to contact:        nuthre [ a t ] gmail [ dot ] com